Schedule & Info
Exhibition Hours (May 13th - July 10th):
Monday, Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday, Thursday - 1PM to 8PM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 1PM to 10PM
Theatrical Performance Dates and Times:

May 13th- 5pm to 10pm
May 14th- 5pm to 10pm
May 20th- 5pm to 10pm
May 21st- 5pm to 10pm
July 1st - 5pm to 10pm
July 2nd - 5pm to 10pm
July 8th - 5pm to 10pm
July 9th - 5pm to 10pm
Additional programming events will occur on the deck of the ship during the course of the show’s 9-week run. All events will begin at 6:00PM and run until 10PM unless otherwise noted.

The Due Return’s Events Calendar:

Sunday, May 22nd - Pillars and Tongues from Chicago, IL
Saturday, May 28th - Super Powered Dance Destroyer!
Sunday May 29th - Vitamins from Denver, CO
Wednesday, June 1st - Allo’ Darlin from London, England
Saturday, June 4th - Watson and Glad As Knives from Santa Fe, NM
Saturday, June 11th - Vortexious Travels: A History of The Due Return (Presentation)
Saturday, June 18th - The Many Talents of Meow Wolf Variety Show
Saturday, June 25th - Conversation with Meow Wolf and 516 Arts (Panel Discussion, 2PM)
Saturday, June 25th - Cloacas and Grania from Santa Fe, NM
Featuring the work of over 100 local emerging artists. This is a once-in-a-lifetime art experience.

*Cash Bar on The Due Return

The Due Return has a cash bar that will be serving beer, wine, and mixed drinks. It is advised that of-age patrons bring a photo i.d. and cash. Cards will not be accepted for drinks.

As part of this multi-media experience, Meow Wolf will be performing 8 nights of scripted theatrical elements. These performances will take place over the first two and last two weekends of the show’s run.

$10 suggested donation.

The Concept

An inter-dimensional ship has settled on an alien landscape. Once a seafaring vessel, it now bares the marks of its previous voyages; a hodgepodge of transport devices and retro-fitted technologies.

The ship’s interior speaks of the rich history of the ship and its passengers, a history that is discoverable through a vast fictional archive presented throughout the ship.

The foreign environment that the ship resides in is filled with alien flora, fauna, and fungi; glowing trees that interact with audience members, cliff dwellings sprouting mysterious fruits, and creatures that sing alien tunes.

The project will incorporate video, live performance and extensive interactive elements to submerge the audience into a fully-operating fictional world.

Designed and directed by Meow Wolf, this multi-media installation will be a collaboration with over 50 artists, including national and international artists.


Opening May 13th at CCA's Munoz Waxman Gallery

Meow Wolf Presents: The Due Return
Opening May 13th, 2011
at CCA's Munoz Waxman Gallery
1050 Old Pecos Trail Santa Fe, NM

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The Due Return

The Due Return is a dimension-hopping ship that has been traveling for two centuries through a series of time/spaces. Through its many dimensional travelings, The Due Return has appropriated a variety of elements pulled from the many places it has visited. The Control Room, for instance, is a futuristic, sci-fi spaceship bridge with a multitude of buttons and knobs that the audience can interact with while The Archive carries a refined turn-of-the-century aesthetic.

After traveling for two-hundred years through 30 different time/spaces, The Due Return is now settled on the landscape of a foreign world, where the ship is utilized to harvest resources from the alien planet.

The ship is 75ft. long, 25ft. wide, and 14ft. tall. The interior of the ship is 2500 sq. ft. split between 10 different rooms. These rooms include a food garden, lounge, engine room, sleeping quarters, laboratory, captain’s quarters, archive, and control room.

video by Nate

Due Return Construction 2/15/11 video by Anne Farrell

photo courtesy of Ken Wilson

Flyover Rendering

Hallway Render



The Due Return currently rests in the 31st dimensional space, filled with foreign life forms that feed off an ecosystem of light. This world is inhabited with glowing tree-like structures that react to the crew's intentions, creatures that pulsate and vocalize as humans wander by, and cave dwellings that act as spaces of worship.

The ship and its crew have been stationed on this foreign landscape for years, where they have begun harvesting the light that is at the heart of the world's ecosystem. Unlike many of the dimensions of the past, TD+31 contains strong enough living conditions for the crew members to not only survive, but lead healthy lives.


The Loci

The ship's archive, called The Loci, will be created as an interactive combination of digital and physical materials meant to further engage visitors in the world of the ship and its surroundings by blending fictional pieces with research culled from reality.

Within the ship, visitors will have the opportunity to conduct 'research' through digital and physical artifacts created specifically for the installation. Library and archival material will be presented through traditional and non-traditional methods, making the archive not only an experiment in narrative, but a playful and focused commentary on the nature of information science, museum studies, and historiography.

The Due Return has traveled through 30 different space/times over the course of 200 years. Artifacts, images, videos, and stories from those 200 years will be stored in The Loci.



A large aspect of this project will be the level of interactivity the audience has with the ship and the environment. Buttons, knobs, dials, and joysticks will populate the ship’s control room with each device serving a functional and relevant purpose. Audience members will be able to control video surveillance systems, internal and external lighting, various video presentations, live mic’d sound elements, and motorized parts in the engine room and on the side of the ship.

In addition, audience members will have the opportunity to interact with the ship, the ship’s history, and the environment through a custom-made iPhone and Android app specific to the project. GPS will allow for added detail on specific rooms, and mobile alerts will transmit audio information to enhance the audience’s experience. The level of interactivity will truly make this art experience stand out from any experience that has come before.


Performance Elements

With this project, Meow Wolf wants to create a fully immersive environment. To achieve this, performance will play a key role in creating the illusion that the ship and the ship’s surroundings are alive. Performances will seemingly begin spontaneously, and audiences will be treated to choreographed moments of dance, drama, monologue, song, and other experimental forms of performance.

For 8 consecutive weekends, audiences will be treated to 20 vignette-style performances spread across the course of five hours. These performances will happen in numerous different locations both on and off the ship, and the diversity of the performances will add considerable depth to the fictional world.


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Since Meow Wolf’s opening in February of 2008, the organization has set out to positively alter Santa Fe’s current cultural climate. After almost three years of operation, we can safely say that the groundwork has been set for this cultural shift to occur. But in order to grow our community and become a larger staple within the arts of Santa Fe, Meow Wolf must also expand the size of its projects and its presence. Both of these tasks are becoming increasingly difficult on purely volunteer time and without proper funding.

Donating to Meow Wolf will assure that more of our time and energy can be put towards conceiving and executing projects rather than scrambling for funds.

Your support will give artists the materials needed to explore their imagination, the tools needed to build their ideas with safety, and the physical space that is needed to both construct and showcase their work.

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The group installations, like The Due Return, are at the heart of the organization’s activities. These massive installations combine the work of all artists that choose to be involved and are open for newcomers to participate. Usually based around an initial broad concept, these multi-media installations often manifest as all-encompassing environments where nearly every inch of space is covered with art.

Due Return Promo from Meow Wolf on Vimeo.

We greatly appreciate your interest and your support. Meow Wolf is dedicated to being an open venue and community that gives individuals a place to freely express themselves, refine their talents, and showcase their work. This cannot be accomplished without the financial support of individuals like yourself. We recognize the importance of your contribution, and we once again thank you for your interest and your support.

Local Sponsors make it happen!

We would like to thank everyone who continues their support of "The Due Return" including some of these local New Mexico businesses


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